Technological revolution, a new generation of microfiber fabric

Fabric is made by combining polyester and polyamide (nylon) filaments. Filaments are split into microfilaments using special patented technology. Microfilaments are laid out to be entangled and consolidated, creating endless fabric. Spd cloth is made by cutting the endless fabric into desired size pieces.

Microfilaments are finer than the strands of silk and therefore do not damage or scratch any surface. Space between microfilaments allows Spd Cloth to capture dirt, oil, grease, grime. Spd cloth can hold up to 400% of its own weight in liquid due to this unique property.

Microfilaments are endless, which make it perfectly lint-free. As a consequence Spd Cloth is ideal to be in contact with sensitive surfaces, for protection as well as lint free wiping application


Key Benefits


Cleaning Power, Absorption, No Fiber Release, For Sensitive Surfaces, Environmentally Friendly, Strong and Non-directional